b INTERMEDIATE: Bon Air Invitational Tournament
Intermediate BAIT
Quarter Finals Semi-Finals Championship Seeding
R1             1 R1
!2.BAIT.1 R2   4 W1       2 R2
      !2.BAIT.4 W2       3 R3
2 R4         8 W4 4 R4
!2.BAIT.2 R5         !2.BAIT.8 W5 5 R5
      5 L1       6 R6
3 R3   !2.BAIT.5 W3      
!2.BAIT.3 R6            
Consolation 3rd Place
      6 L4   9 W6
      !2.BAIT.6 L3   !2.BAIT.9 W7
      7 L5   10 L6
      !2.BAIT.7 L2   !2.BAIT.10 L7
NOTE: Game #1 is NOT an elimination game. It is an extra game in lue of a bye to determine the 1/2 seed for games 4 and 5. 
If teams agree to take the bye, the predetermined ranks will be used to seed games 4 and 5.