Welcome to Bon Air Summer League!

Game Schedule Summer 2024


Weeks of Jun 3 – Aug 1
Mon - Thu, 5:45 - 9:30pm
(no games week of July 4th)

Summer Rules Overview

At Bon Air Basketball, we strive to create a competitive, enjoyable, and equitable environment for every player and team. Our rules adhere to high school standards with specific adjustments for different divisions to accommodate age and skill levels.

General Game Rules (Except Mites and Minors)

  • Game Duration: Games feature two 20-minute halves.
  • Clock Management: The clock only stops for timeouts, except in the final 2 minutes of each half.
  • Final 2 Minutes: During the last 2 minutes of each half, the clock stops for fouls, violations, and timeouts, adding strategic depth to game endings.

Mites and Minors Division Adjustments

  • Game Duration: These divisions play two 16-minute halves, considering the younger players' endurance and skill development.
  • Defensive Play: Man-to-man defense is mandatory to foster fundamental defensive skills, with a strategic exception:
    • Last Two Minutes Flexibility: In the final 2 minutes of the second half, teams can adopt different defensive strategies, introducing them to advanced concepts in a manageable way.

Bon Air Basketball aims to balance consistent competitive structures with the flexibility needed for developing players across all divisions. We're dedicated to promoting sportsmanship and a passion for basketball. For questions or more information on our rules, please reach out to us.


The list of gyms is subject to change based on final registration and availability.

  • Chesterfield - Greenfield, Robious MS, Robious ES, Midlothian MS, Tomahawk MS

Registration is limited by gym availability, so we are always looking for more gym time so more kids can play.

Age Groups

Age Group Grade (Rising) # Teams
College Max Age 25 16 teams
Varsity 10th – 12th 16 teams
Freshmen* 8th – 9th 16 teams
Intermediate* 6th - 7th 16 teams
Minor* 4th - 5th 16 teams
Mite 2nd - 3rd 8 teams
Minor Girls 3rd – 5th 16 teams
Intermediate Girls* 6th – 8th 16 teams
High School Girls* 9th - 12th 16 teams

* Recreational & AAU/Advanced Skill Divisions

How Much

Secure early registration for just $1,000 per team, unlimited players allowed above the minimum. Free agents register at $135. Hurry, prices increase to $1,100 for teams and $145 for free agents after April 25th, 5 PM. Grab your spot now at a lower rate!

Team (player limit: 8 min*, no max)$1100
Bon Air Jersey**(on request)

Optimize your registration: Teams with under 10 players should register at the full team rate for a smooth experience. Note: No refunds after June 3rd, 12 PM. If issues arise, contact us for a credit towards a future season, preserving your investment in our community.