Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the registration fee?
What are the grade/age limits for each division?
Can you tell me about practice and games?
How do we register a team?
What is the "Bon Air Way"?

How much is the registration fee?
Online registration fees for residents of Chesterfield County:
all age groups - $135
add $15 for non-county residents
add $5 for registrations not submitted online or after the deadline

What are the grade/age limits for each division?
Coed (mostly boys) - Mite (3rd, 8); Minor (4th-5th, 9-10); Intermediate (6th-7th, 11-12); Freshmen (8th-9th, 13-14); Varsity (10th-12th, 15-18)
Girls - Mite (4th, 9); Minor (5th-6th, 10-11); Intermediate (7th-8th, 12-13)
However, the grade/age limits are guidelines, not rule. Bon Air values friends and teams staying together as long as we can manage competative balance. We trust parents and coaches will make the best decision for their kids and teams.

Can you tell me about practice and games? Where do they play and what day and time would they practice and play games?

Each team is assigned a practice night & location so teams have a full court to practice; however, the schedule may change from week to week due to gym closeouts and weather events.  Gyms are assigned based on team location and preferred practice night. Practice facilities in 2012 included:

 Chesterfield County: Bon Air (M-F), Greenfield (T), Tomahalk Middle (T), Robious Middle (M,W,F), AM Davis (M,W,F), Bettie Weaver (R), Watkins (R), Robious ES (F), Chalkley (T,W,F), Evergreen (M,T), Jacobs (T,F), Providence ES (M,W,F), Reams (F), Providence Middle (F),

Richmond: St. Christopher's Lower Gym (M-F), University of Richmond Weinstein Center (F)

Henrico County: Crestview (M-F), Tuckahoe ES (M-F), Tuckahoe Middle (T,F), Short Pump Middle (W), Short Pump ES (M,W), Glen Allen ES (M-F), Byrd Middle (F)

Gyms availability changes from year to year and Bon Air has been fortunate to add gyms each year.  Bon Air Basketball can provide insurance to teams that have access to alternate gyms.

The majority of games are scheduled on Saturday (Bon Air, Reams, Chalkley, Crestview) and Sunday (James River HS, Providence Middle); however, most teams will play a game or two on a weeknight (usually Friday, any practice location) and Varsity teams play one game Sunday and one game during the week.

Practice and game schedules differ based on the age group and the gyms listed are typical, but subject to change.

Mite & Minor (3rd - 5th grade)
Practice: once/week, 6-7:15pm
Games: Friday 6pm-9pm (see Friday gyms); Saturday, 9am-5pm @ Chalkley, Crestview, Reams, Bon Air

Intermediate (6th - 7th grade)
Practice: once/week, 7:15-8:30pm
Games: Friday 6pm-9pm (see Friday gyms); Saturday, 9am-5pm @ Bon Air, Reams, Robious Middle

Freshman (8th - 9th grade)
Practice: once/week, 7:15-8:30pm or 8:30pm-10:00pm
Games: Sunday, 1pm-6pm @ Providence Middle, JRHS, Midlothian Middle (Dec)

Varsity (10th-12th grade)
Practice: n/a*
Games: Sunday, 1pm-6pm @ James River HS; weeknights, 8:30pm-10pm @ various locations

* Varsity teams play an "all game" schedule. Each team will have 2-3 scheduled practices before the first game (usually the first Sunday after Thanksgiving break); however, teams may signup for open gym time when available anytime during the season.

I understand that if we have someone willing to coach, that we can put together a team to play Bon Air Basketball. Can you let me know if that is the case? We have a bunch of players that we'd like to keep together and we think we have a couple of parents willing to coach. Please let me know how all this works.

Yes, we like to think Bon Air Basketball is an "old school" neighborhood league. The difference today is that the definition of "neighborhood" has changed. With so many organized sports, clubs, and school choices, today's "neighborhood" is a soccer, football, baseball team, scouts, school, etc. We encourage friends to play together. We believe kids have more fun (win or lose) and play basketball longer if they play with friends.

To register a team, we ask the families to register online and include a coach request when they register.   We ask the coach (or team parent) to send a roster and contact information to If your team does not have 10 players, we will fill the roster with players who signup individually ("free agent"). New coaches will be required to get a background check through Chesterfield County if they do not already have one for another sport.

Why does Bon Air Basketball play five "quarters", what is "just-in-time scheduling", and what is the "Bon Air BCS"?  Are there any other weird rules?

The short answer is: "the Bon Air Way" and yes. 

Playing five periods was introduced during a period in Bon Air history when all teams had more than 12 players due to limited gym availability.  The extra period was added to help coaches manage playing time.  Today, Bon Air continues this tradition even though the average team size is 10.  Today, the extra period allows* teams with 10 players to play every player two quarters and then teams can choose how they manage playing time in the extra period.
* By rule every player on the roster must play 1 complete period; however, coaches are strongly encouraged to play everyone 2 periods and communicate with an athlete otherwise.

"Just-in-time" scheduling is Bon Air Basketball's way to manage competative balance without tryouts so kids can play with friends. Games are scheduled 3 at a time rather than building a set schedule at the beginning of the season.  This allows teams to be matched based on results as the season progresses resulting in more competative games for teams of all skill levels.

Every team is "invited" to play in a tournament at the end of the season. Partly due to "just-in-time" scheduling, but mostly because, like college, there are too many teams for every team to play each other, standings cannot be used to rank teams. As a result, like the BCS, teams are ranked based on strength of schedule more so then wins and loses. The end goal is that almost every team has a chance to win the tournament they are invited to play.

Bon Air Basketball follows normal High School Rules, except...

Mite and Minor teams can only play man-to-man defense and can only play full court defense (press) in the 5th period. These rules where introduced by Len Creech, VCU's career leading scorer** (2,019 points w/o a 3 point line), to allow kids to learn to move their feet on defense and have a chance to setup plays on offense.

** Eric Maynor had 1,929 career points at VCU - VCU's was founded in 1838 - Len Creech played basketball at VCU from 1965-1969 - ergo, Len Creech holds VCU's career scoring record.